Day #7 Asirvia Rank Up Video Challenge

Day 7

Today the question is …  What’s Holding YOU Back?

I know it sounds cliche to say get over your fears when it comes to marketing, but if you don’t jump in and just do it, you never will get over those fears.

I do realize that not all fears are a thing you can get over, believe me, I’ve been trying.  My fear of heights is crazy, I’m not sure when that started, but I can nearly pass out when I watch someone else get close to the edge of a bridge, a cliff, or anywhere they could fall and get hurt, almost as much as if I was standing there myself!

But talking to others about what you are selling?  Ask yourself how to approach the problem, smile and say hi to everyone you see when you go to the store next time, do that a few times and it’ll get easier.

Next time try asking the person waiting in line behind you how their day is going?  Even if the conversation goes nowhere, you’ve begun the process of getting over your fear of talking with others!

You afraid of talking to your friends and family about the business you are in?  Ask yourself, why.  You know they are not paying your bills, but maybe, just maybe, they will listen this time.  Maybe not, but that’s behind you now and no longer a problem if you wind up talking to others and they can over hear.

See what I mean?

Practice.  Just like me, practice!  I’m not perfect, not by any streach of anyone’s imagination, but at least I’m making an effort and I encourage you to do the same!  I know you can!

Until tomorrow….


Day #4 & Day #5 Asiriva RankUp Video Challenge


Ok, I forgot to post Day #4 and so today I’ll post both Day 4 and Day 5

Sometimes we just get too busy for our own good.

Day 4

Day 5

I had some trouble with the internet when making this video, but I decided to leave it up because I know I’m not the only one who has run into trouble, and I want you to know that there is not reason to panic… It happens 🙂 Hope you enjoy what I was able to do

Day#3 Asirvia RankUp Video Challenge

Day #3

Here we are at day 3 and I talk a little about why I decided to start Network Marketing

I loved the idea, still do!  And it’s not just about making money, I love all the friends I’ve made, I love being able to help others too…. It really is incredible how many wonderful opportunities there are out there now.  When I first got started, there where only a couple and I chose Melalueca (incredible company with incredible products) but I was a 1 person household after my first husband passed and I just needed to find something else… well enought of that for now.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about why I have chosen the company I am with now!

See you then!


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Asirvia 100day RankUp Video Challenge

My upline challenged me to a 100day Video Challenge and I have decided to take him up on it!

Today I will post Day#1 and Day#2 .. shhhhhhhhh…. I’m hoping it gets better




Will I get better?

I hope you bear with me as I travel down this road to startdom!!  lol

No, I have no doubt that the my videos will improve, but it’s going to take a bit, in the meantime, please enjoy and we will see you tomorrow!!


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Improving your Dog’s breath

Dog Breath!

Wow!! Does your dog have bad breath too?  I’ve always wanted to find something that would work to improve the smell of my dogs breath…. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but WOW!!  It is sometimes so over powering.


Well I ordered TruDog Gel and it really does work!  I Love it!!

So, I just wanted to share!!






Click the link below and it’ll take you to the Amazon page where you can order yours!


Real Estate Bluetooth Marketing

My List of Reasons why Asirvia Go Units are Great for Realtors


The Asirvia Go Unit does not require you to be at the location, but it will work for you 24/7/365.  Home buyers who are out looking on their own will get your home listing as soon as they enter the area of your home sale.

This proximity marketing software which allows the marketer to specity what notifications are sent to nearby by mobile user is ideal for the real estate industry where the main mantra is “location, location, location”.  Asirvia Go has a range of up to 300 feet and has brought definately brought proximity marketing to the real estate industry.

The concept with Asirvia Go is that they initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requireing the buyer to perform an action first.  The notification a buyer receives on his/her smarthphone from the Asirivia Go beacon simply instructs the buyer to see the listing.  The realtor has complete control of what contenct is displayed by the bacon through a back-end system.  One click on the notification opens a the realtors information page, complete with agent contact detail and a “Contact Now” button.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing will help find clients instead of asking them to find you.


Simply place an Asirivia Go Unit in the house or within 300 ft. of the road and trigger notificaitons directly to potential clients who have Bluetooth enabled phones.  They will get a nofitication to find out more or schedule a tour directly from your information page.  It’s spontaneous and easy and they don’t even need to download an app to receive notificaitons.

No more remebering to print out property information sheets.  You’ll be able to deliver home details in vivid color directly to their phones.

How does it work?

Upon arriving at a property, a notification will be sent to the client’s lock screen. When they open the screen, they arrive at a custom page for the house they are viewing. The information is pulled directly from the MLS including photos, property data and virtual tour.

Why not Enhance your Open House Event

Visitors receive notifications as they arrive creating a more personalized open house experience. Not only does this keep visitors informed, it shows that agents are technologically savvy and promotes brand awareness for the Realtor and their agency.

Asirvia Go technology is an excellent way to show large houses and helps out when the broker has multiple visitors touring a property moving around the house in different locations.

A Lesson from Retail

Proximity marketing uses point-of-sale offers to generate a monster response rate. An IBM study found that up to 72% of customers will act on an offer if they are within sight of the point of purchase. That’s a staggeringly high response rate, but it makes sense if you think about it. People who come into a store voluntarily likely have purchasing a product in mind, and if you give them a money-saving offer for something they’re already inclined to do, they have every reason to act on it. While the sales rate for homes isn’t going to be as high as retail sales, Asirvia Go Units significantly increase the chances of acquiring a client, clients that are already looking at houses. The majority of buyers use the first agent they contact. Asirvia Go Units initiate that contact and make agents look more professional and appealing.



Marketing your Business

Why Bluetooth Marketing?

We all know that Apple, Macy’s, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble are utilizing Bluetooth Proximity Marketing to close the last gap between the customer and the register.  Wouldn’t you enjoy having the same technology for your business?

How does Bluetooth Proximity Marketing work?

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing uses cellular technology to send marketing messages to mobile-device users who are in close vicinity.

Via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal, proximity marketers can send content similar to a mobile application program (app) that appears automatically on the mobile devices of consumers. While the audience is limited to those in the proximity of 100 yards, and those using its wireless signal, the message is very user-friendly and reaches those most likely to buy.

But does it really work?

According to JiWire, the facts are clear as it relates to the value of Proximity Marketing:

-53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising.
-57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising.
-62% of consumers share local deals with friends.
-63% of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.

Targeted offers based upon proximity leads to higher conversion rates, which is the ultimate goal for brands and their investors.

Macy’s, an early adopter of Proximity Marketing, announced that it will be rolling out the technology to all of its stores after a successful pilot last holiday season.

In addition, brands such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Levi’s and Kraft have implemented InMarket’s version of the technology. InMarket has reported that interactions with advertised products increased 19 times and in-store app usage was 16.5 times higher for users who received a beacon message.

In casinos, beacons can be placed at the entrances to engage customers as they enter (or exit) the casino. Further, beacons can be placed in the slots and ER gaming area, the poker room, the gaming tables, the bars and restaurant. This allows casino operators to engage with customers depending upon their gaming and visitation behaviors.

A large casino in Las Vegas is using Proximity Marketing to tailor messages to customers of all types. For example, someone could enter who is not a member of their players club, and a reminder could be sent on the benefits of joining and instructions on where to sign up. On the flip side, VIP customers could come in and be sent a welcome greeting. In addition, VIP hosts could be alerted and meet the VIP guests with their favorite drinks.

Proximity Marketing has tremendous revenue-producing potential, allowing everything from retailers, hotels, casinos and more, to deepen their connection with consumers, encourage more loyalty and greatly improve the customer experience. Importantly, all of these factors combine to make Proximity Marketing a very effective tool to generate higher ROI for businesses and advertisers.


How can I get more info?


Just visit

Emulin Update

Update on our Emulin journey

It’s been a over a week since Dave and I started our journey taking Emulin C and I have good news to report.

I’ll start with Dave’s results.  Remember he started at 179 and we couldn’t get it any lower even using 1000mg Metformin twice a day and Trulicity weekly, well happy to report this morning he was at 141.

True, it is still too high, but considering the struggle before Emulin C, this is a major improvement and I’m excited about it.  Really looking forward to his results as we go along.

And me?  Yep, even though I don’t have diabetes too, my sugar cravings have really been out of control.  Not so much anymore.  I decided to take the Emulin C also and  I’ve started sleeping better and have more energy, which really says a lot considering my menopause symptoms really get the better of me at night.

A little about Emulin

I want to tell you that even if you don’t have diabetes, Emulin could still be right for you.  Emulin is designed to help your body reduce the amount and rate of sugar that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and lessen the glycemic impact of foods.  Furthermore, it appears to have the ability to reduce the background (fasting) level of glucose in the blood of type 2 diabetics, showing the potential to lessen the damage to tissue.

Emulin is naturally derived compound that has the unique ability to buffer the effects of glucose and be insturmental in treating hyperglycemia.  It can even attack the problems of pre-diabetes.

Emulin is a combination of specific natural phytochemicals whose mechanisms have been explicitly identified and selected to have a very specific effect. All plant extracts, and even all pharmaceuticals, work on only one symptom or metabolic pathway.

Recently, Dr. Ralph DeFronzo, the most noted and respected medical researcher on diabetes, stated that to attack diabetes and obesity, we must address the 7-8 major symptoms at one time, or we will get nowhere. Emulin works on 7 fronts. Additionally, most plant extracts have side effects and some are even dangerous.  Emulin has no negative side effects and cannot be overused.

Try Emulin today

If you are ready to try Emulin for yourself or want to get it for someone in your family, Click here to place your order


Emulin C or Emulin M

Do I need Emulin C or Emulin M ?

Good question.  Emulin C (Controller version) is recommended for those with blood sugar issues as the combination is based on trials done with diabetic patients. Emulin M (Manager) is meant for the rest of us who want to minimize the effects of refined carbohydrates in our bodies.

Why we decided Emulin C

Dave is taking the Emulin C as he has Type II diabetes and has been having trouble keeping his glucose levels down. He has been running over 200 until the doctor prescribed Trulicity and it dropped for a little bit to 159 and then has been steadily climbing back up and that’s when we started looking for a more natural alternative to help.  4 days ago his glucose reading was at 179.

And yes, we know that diet and exercise are part of the equation, and we have managed to make some necessary changes, but that can be a confusing pitfall without the proper research.  On one hand you have doctors saying you need to cut out carbs.  Really?  Dang near everything you eat has carbs, you can’t just eat meat, that’s not healthy for the heart.  Ok.  Then you have the Diabetes Association saying you need to count calories not carbs, to me this makes more sense.  Got to work on that, Dave has a hard time eating 3 meals a day with small snacks in between, but we are working on it.

Emulin C to the rescue

About the time we are wading through all the ins and outs of diabetes, we were introduced the Emulin C by a good friend, we ordered it after some research, and found that this natural product could be a great help for Dave as it has done for so many others.

Right now, Dave has been taking Emulin C for 4 days, his blood glucose level has dropped to 145 (not great but much better).  I have high hopes for this product as time goes on and I will keep you posted.

You can purchase Emulin C through me if you are interested in trying it also.

Contact me at (208) 274-3493

I ask that you Leave a contact number or email and I’ll return your call or will email you as soon as possible.