About Me

Hello!  I am Sue Larson. Over the course of my life, I have been given opportunity after opportunity to succeed! I believe that our success is predicated by our decisiveness. What you decide to do, you will do. What you say you can’t do, you will not do!. If you decide that you will be something, and that something is the overwhelming fire that drives your life, then nothing on Earth will stop you!

A bit about me, I am married to my most awesome husband, Dave.  I am a massive fan of travel and have done it most of my adult life. I love visiting new places, seeing the beauty that GOD has bestowed upon each and every place I’ve been, each place different than the last!  I honestly believe that travel is the one thing that makes you richer. Dave and I were blessed to be able to cruise to Alaska and it’s exciting to decide where we want to cruise, drive, fly to next!



Dave and I are currently building our dream home!  We bought a beautiful peace of property here in North Idaho, built a cabin, decided that is where we want to live and so the journey begins of building a new home!  We have built the garage and will be starting on the home next year!

  I am currently Reading:


My blog has many of my thoughts and some of the things I do – I encourage you to PLEASE take some time to let me know your thoughts!  Add me on Facebook, twitter, etc…  Join me on a journey to make our lives better by our own decision that there is no other choice but being greater than we were yesterday!

Comments are welcome!

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