A New Way to Think

A Light Bulb Moment

Wow!  I know this stuff… But I forgot that stuff… 

That’s exactly how I felt as I was watching another trainer talking to the group about getting more sales, more customers, more people to join your business.  It’s amazing how many times you hear something before it finally sinks in, and you have that Light Bulb Moment!  I actually wanted to hit myself in the head… I knew that!!

Bob (I think) was talking about recruiting customers and affiliates and he was using the example of the ’60’s way of doing things and how high pressured sales techniques where taught.  And he was explaining why it doesn’t work and why many people are still using that technique!  Didn’t work well then, and doesn’t work now!!

Ok, we all know we want to recruit, true.  Everyone says, get to know the person you are trying to recruit.  Here’s where I get lost.  How much time do you need to “get to know” someone.  What if they are not interested, how much time have you wasted?  How much “free time” do you have?  I wanna know!  Seriously!!

Too much time wasted

Ok, so I have 3800 people who are “friends” on Facebook.  I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know them (that li

st is like, 15 years and counting), chatting, wondering what they do, if they are interested in anything I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a lot of great friends, but Facebook is constantly changing things so those friends rarely see your posts anyway.  Ughhhh



So what’s the answer?

Do you advertise on Facebook?  Well, here’s where it gets tricky these days…

Facebook is pulling a bait and switch with this new and improved algorithm. You can post a “likes” campaign but can’t ask people to “like” your page.  You can post a voting poll but can’t ask people to vote?  You can buy an ad but can’t ask people to click it?

This is freaking nuts!


Buying Leads

Have you ever, I mean ever, bought leads from anywhere that you could afford and gotten anyone to buy or join (not just join, but actually work)?  No?  Me either  So I’m not wasting my money there anymore either.

Simple answers?

In today’s information age, it’s so much information, that you sometimes forget the simple things.

Well, I really think it’s time to switch it up… why not just ask people if they are interested in making more money or fixing what ever problem you offer to fix for them, if they say no, then you can decide if you really want to be friends with them or not.  Maybe?

I know, some people will say you are just rude, but seriously, on Facebook do we have a year or 10 to find out they are not interested in anything  you do?  And in a couple of months or less, Facebook is not going to show your posts to them anymore anyway.  Right?  So……..

Just my thoughts… what’s yours?




Comments are welcome!

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