Not sure about you, but for me January is more than a little busy, ITS INSANE!!

And no, not everyone gets it. Still working on closing last year’s reports without stopping this year’s business. I work for a small business and January has always been stressful, even with computer software that supposed to make life easier! Seriously, do you think it does? I for one don’t.

How can that be?

It’s something I’ve wondered about and can never really put my finger on. Let’s travel back a few years and discuss what happened


Is it? I really started noticing about the time we could afford microwaves. They were supposed to save you time and make cooking easier. I have one but rarely use it for anything.

It seemed to me then that the more things you had to save you time and energy the less time and energy you actually had at the end of the day. How could that be?

Ok, you ask, what’s this got to with January?

For me its all about the “convenience” of computers.

Computers save time

Or do they?

Well, here’s where I’m not sure that’s true. Maybe it depends upon what industry you work in, but the programming of accounting software doesn’t really cover all the bases.

For instance, we have jobs that are on going, we have invoices that are not paid, we have inventory both in stock, and charge to an open job. Problem with the software, it can’t distinguish between what’s open jobs and what’s actually been billed. Sales reports won’t show labor sales until you actually bill it.

Ok, you may or may not understand or care about that, but I’m just wanting a little. But my point is, the convince of the computer, makes it more difficult to separate everything in January to get actual reports you can use to file taxes.

Ok, I think you see my point. Modern convenience is not really convenient!Life is more complicated now that it’s ever been. What’s it going to be in 10-20 years?

Just my ramblings today!


Comments are welcome!

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