Getting leads for your business

Getting leads is key

We all know that getting leads is key for your business, but we also all know how daunting the process can be.  And worse is knowing where to start!  You can spend a lot of money looking for leads that will turn into customers.  And after all, customers are all essential for all businesses.

Online or offline – everywhere there are people, you can find new prospects and potential leads for your business. The only important thing is for you to know who is your buyer and narrow the audience you are turning to.

There are a lot of ways to grow your list of prospects, but people are getting more and more hesitant giving out their info to anyone because the fraud on the internet has gotten out of hand.  So, being able to target the people who are looking for your type is business is going to increase the number of leads that convert to sales.  And that makes us all happy!

Where to start

I get asked this a lot!  There are so many sources, so many different ways, so many different price ranges.  Today I want to concentrate a little more on the more affordable ways to generate leads, as that is what my business is.  Not only for myself, but for almost anyone that does network marketing of any product, whether it be weight loss, hair care, makeup, skin care and the list goes on!

So today, let’s start with the basic…


Almost everyone (I said almost) is on Facebook.  With that being said, you can post till you are blue in the face and not get enough leads or prospects to get your business growing or so you will have to pay for Facebook ads, but that’s not always the way to go either because Facebook has a habit of letting people who are paid to click be the ones that actually see you ads instead of what you chose as your target audience.  At least that has been my experience and spending money where it’s not doing any good, is not what I have in mind.

So, you’ll need to be more specific on about how you treat your page.  You need to treat your Facebook page like a sales page or website and have clear call to action posts, updated news feed that includes photos, posts that teach, inspire or otherwise create interest.

Try running contests and giveaways.  People absolutely love competitions and free stuff so this could be a great way to generate leads.  Maybe give away a coaching give-away, or advertising contest, or anything that they would willingly put their name and email into a call-to-action box.

Ask for referrals, if someone likes what you are selling, even if they are not buying, ask them if they know of anyone who would be interested.  If they are happy with what you are selling, ask them to write a review on their Facebook wall and tag you in the review.  You’ll be getting more eyes seeing your ads than ever before.

How about a Facebook live, you can do this on your personal profile, or from a business page.  During your live, ask the people watching to share or invite others to your live.  Try it!  It works!!


Ok, so, I know that you know that I love Asiriva!  For the cost, it’s totally amazing!  There is Go Basic and Go Plus.  For what the units and the software deliver, you’ll be way more than pleasantly surprised.  Your advertising becomes on the Go, literally, anywhere you go, it goes! The tracking, as you go from place to place, you’ll see where you get the most hits, or  when you change you ad, you’ll know what’s working.  So  click the link to learn more, leave your name, email and phone number if you would like me to contact you so I can teach you more about Asirvia Go

Sue Larson
Independent Rep with Asirvia

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