Asirvia review

Does Asirvia really work?

I get asked this question quite a bit and so I thought I would share with you my opinion and the responses or testimonies from a few other people.

First off, Asirvia is a network marketing company that specialized in nearby technology to generate leads and customers for your business.  But note, just because if is network marketing, does not mean you have to become an affiliate to use the product(s).

So what is a Go Unit?

Asirvia promotes a Bluetooth device called Asirvia Go. This device automatically promotes your business on every nearby Android phone. The Go unit has a range of 100 yards and any Android device that has location and Bluetooth turned on, will find and place a notification on your phone to let you know that you are in range of a nearby device.

If you are not looking at your phone, you would not even know that the Go unit is in range and when you leave the 100 yard range, the notification simply disappears from your phone.  It’s not considered a push notification because it does not require an app, doesn’t stay on your phone unless you save it, and does not collect your info without your knowledge.

Why would you want to use Asirvia Go?

If you or your company is looking to increase your customer base without costing a lot of money like a billboard, FB advertising, TV or radio advertising or any myriad of ways to get noticed, then the Asirvia Go unit is perfect.  In fact, it really is perfect for most any company.

Let’s say you own a restaurant, you could purchase the Go units, set up a 40 character message using your breakfast, lunch or dinner specials and change that message at will so everyone with an android phone could see that message.

I personally would suggest the Go unit upgraded to a Go Plus and then you would be able to add a photo or a YouTube video to help entice your customers.  From here, they can click on the save to wallet button, call, visit your website or share on social media.

The endless possibilities are amazing.  Selling something, take a picture, put in your details, save and let the little Go device go to work for you!

You’ll not find a better employee out there!! 🙂

Selling homes?  Why not set one up to direct potential customers to your website showing a virtual tour, collect their name and phone number so you can call them when you have time.

Like I stated before, the possibilities are endless and with a little practice and imagination, you’ll be able to create

A couple testimonials

John R.         Hey everyone I just wanted to take a second and tell you my story. I signed up for Asirvia on November 17th under Carmen as an experiment after listening in on a zoom with Curry who happened to be stationed at the unit in the military that I am currently working with (talk about coincidence I think not). I ordered the 3 pack. I received them yesterday. I set them up and deployed them today at our local mall. In just an hour and a half I got 235 hits and of that 235 hits 6 opted in for more information and gave me their name, number, and email. I just ordered another 8 units and told several friends and will be putting 4 customers by the end of the week. Thanks for this revolutionary idea.


Image of results for Gema                            2055 exposures on Black Friday with one basic and 2 plus! Do you want to guess which one was the basic




I hope you can see the value in this little device called “GO”  and give a chance to work for you!

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Sue Larson






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