Black Friday coming fast! Are you ready?

Are you a Black Friday enthusiast and enjoy the adventure?

Ok, my question today – Do you do Black Friday or are you like me and stay home in bed?  Seriously, there is no way you are going to convince me to get up at 3 am and trudge out into the cold to stand in line at God only knows what store is having the best sales on whatever…

And the crowds,

ugh !  No thank you.  I can’t even stand to go grocery shopping when the store is busy.

Or are you Stay at home and shop online kinda person?

Now that I can agree on!  I can find so many wonderful deals without the hassle of standing in line for hours.  Do I pay more?  Maybe, but I pay less than you might imagine and I still have my sanity when I’m done shopping!

Cyber Monday

At least with Cyber Monday you don’t need to be standing outside in the cold, waiting in a long line to get in as and get out!

A third option

I don’t just shop at big online stores, I enjoy looking through my friends list and see what type of products they offer that I know my friends and family would enjoy and whats even better about that, they do the same for me, so buying and making money in return. How cool is that?

What?  You say you don’t support your friends?  Cuz what they do is all a scam.  Wrong to the max!  How many of your friends are busy selling products, whether online or off, they have some wonderful products and services you won’t find in any store.  If a friend owned a local store, would you wander in at least once to see what they are selling?  Or would you say,  no way im going in there, it’s just a scam to get my money. See what i mean?

If you are on Facebook, just ask your friends what products they sell, and even if you don’t buy anything from them, you would make their day that much better.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, give it a try, your friends will appreciate your help.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

And if you enjoy Black Friday, have fun and stay safe!


Sue Larson

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