Ok, that was all wrong!

100 day video challenge failure…

That’s right, I really did want to hit 100 days of video and improve myself in video, well Facebook live was the challenge, but then as Facebook does from time to time, decided I could no longer make live videos.  No I don’t know how long I’ll be unable to, but it really took the wind out of my sails.

So I decided, that I will make videos and have fun and not feel pressured by a challenge.  I did manage to get enough out of the effort to know that know matter what, no matter how bad, I can do it.  You can laugh, poke fun, no matter!  I did it!

I’m not complaining, Facebook probably did you a favor!!  Seriously!

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement, it’s always nice to know that people really do read my posts.  To me that means the most to me.  I don’t care if only 1 person gets something out of my blog, that means I touched one persons life and hopefully made it better, if only for a moment.

I hope if you are planning on doing a video challenge you jump on in, you may fail at first, but as time goes on, you are only going to get better!  Don’t be afraid, don’t worry that you may not be pretty enough, good looking enough, too nervous, and 100 other excuses, but remember you are the hardest critic to please you’ll ever have.

Until next time, take the time to have fun, laugh and enjoy life!!



Sue Larson

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