Day #7 Asirvia Rank Up Video Challenge

Day 7

Today the question is …  What’s Holding YOU Back?

I know it sounds cliche to say get over your fears when it comes to marketing, but if you don’t jump in and just do it, you never will get over those fears.

I do realize that not all fears are a thing you can get over, believe me, I’ve been trying.  My fear of heights is crazy, I’m not sure when that started, but I can nearly pass out when I watch someone else get close to the edge of a bridge, a cliff, or anywhere they could fall and get hurt, almost as much as if I was standing there myself!

But talking to others about what you are selling?  Ask yourself how to approach the problem, smile and say hi to everyone you see when you go to the store next time, do that a few times and it’ll get easier.

Next time try asking the person waiting in line behind you how their day is going?  Even if the conversation goes nowhere, you’ve begun the process of getting over your fear of talking with others!

You afraid of talking to your friends and family about the business you are in?  Ask yourself, why.  You know they are not paying your bills, but maybe, just maybe, they will listen this time.  Maybe not, but that’s behind you now and no longer a problem if you wind up talking to others and they can over hear.

See what I mean?

Practice.  Just like me, practice!  I’m not perfect, not by any streach of anyone’s imagination, but at least I’m making an effort and I encourage you to do the same!  I know you can!

Until tomorrow….


One thought on “Day #7 Asirvia Rank Up Video Challenge

  1. I thought it was really good. Actually I watched your post when it was live. We will have to talk soon. Tonight I am trying to get the last of my stuff packed and moved out by tomorrow. Things have gotten really uncomfortable here. I am trying to keep up with the chats but have gotten a little behind. When the dust settles it will probably be good for me to go back to the beginning and review. I really want this to work. I’m not afraid to talk to ppl and not afraid of NO but need some help with my approach I guess. Got the book Curry recommended about NO’s but haven’t had time to read it yet. Talk to you soon if I am still sane after all this. Thanks for checking on me.

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