Day#3 Asirvia RankUp Video Challenge

Day #3

Here we are at day 3 and I talk a little about why I decided to start Network Marketing

I loved the idea, still do!  And it’s not just about making money, I love all the friends I’ve made, I love being able to help others too…. It really is incredible how many wonderful opportunities there are out there now.  When I first got started, there where only a couple and I chose Melalueca (incredible company with incredible products) but I was a 1 person household after my first husband passed and I just needed to find something else… well enought of that for now.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about why I have chosen the company I am with now!

See you then!


Don’t forget to come to the webinar… and tell ’em Sue Larson sent ya!!

Comments are welcome!

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