Emulin Update

Update on our Emulin journey

It’s been a over a week since Dave and I started our journey taking Emulin C and I have good news to report.

I’ll start with Dave’s results.  Remember he started at 179 and we couldn’t get it any lower even using 1000mg Metformin twice a day and Trulicity weekly, well happy to report this morning he was at 141.

True, it is still too high, but considering the struggle before Emulin C, this is a major improvement and I’m excited about it.  Really looking forward to his results as we go along.

And me?  Yep, even though I don’t have diabetes too, my sugar cravings have really been out of control.  Not so much anymore.  I decided to take the Emulin C also and  I’ve started sleeping better and have more energy, which really says a lot considering my menopause symptoms really get the better of me at night.

A little about Emulin

I want to tell you that even if you don’t have diabetes, Emulin could still be right for you.  Emulin is designed to help your body reduce the amount and rate of sugar that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and lessen the glycemic impact of foods.  Furthermore, it appears to have the ability to reduce the background (fasting) level of glucose in the blood of type 2 diabetics, showing the potential to lessen the damage to tissue.

Emulin is naturally derived compound that has the unique ability to buffer the effects of glucose and be insturmental in treating hyperglycemia.  It can even attack the problems of pre-diabetes.

Emulin is a combination of specific natural phytochemicals whose mechanisms have been explicitly identified and selected to have a very specific effect. All plant extracts, and even all pharmaceuticals, work on only one symptom or metabolic pathway.

Recently, Dr. Ralph DeFronzo, the most noted and respected medical researcher on diabetes, stated that to attack diabetes and obesity, we must address the 7-8 major symptoms at one time, or we will get nowhere. Emulin works on 7 fronts. Additionally, most plant extracts have side effects and some are even dangerous.  Emulin has no negative side effects and cannot be overused.

Try Emulin today

If you are ready to try Emulin for yourself or want to get it for someone in your family, Click here to place your order


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