Wearable Tech and Your Health

Do You need Wearable Technology?

Have you seen wearable tech products?  Have you considered it?  Would you consider it?  Have you let progress pass you by?  It’s stated that wearable technology is the way of the future, and I say that future is close at hand if not already here!

Well, lets take a look and see why it’s something you should consider for you and your loved ones.  The product I’m going to cover today is for keeping track of your health, not only for you, but lets say you have aging parents that you worry about.  This will help take the worry down a notch or 2.  Let’s say your someone you love has high blood pressure problems, but you’ve given them the Helo wristband and set it up.  Now when they are having trouble with high blood pressure, the Helo will send you a text and you’ll be able to contact that person to see if they need help. Or You’ll know how they are doing, just by checking an app on your smart phone.  How cool would that be?  Or how about your children, let’s say they are walking home from school and they notice that someone is following and they are not sure if it’s a threat or not, they can simply push the panic button and you’ll immediately receive a notice including the gps coordinents and you can send help. The product I’m talking about is called Helo.

So what else does the Helo do?

And I’ll bet you are asking why not a fit bit, or one of the others?  There’s a lot of great reasons why.  They all track your heat rate, have a step counter, track calories and distance covered.  A few will track your sleep quality.   But the Helo goes beyond the others.  Take your blood pressure, do an EKG, has a mood sensor, a fatigue sensor, can remote monitor others vitals, includes germanium plates, has a panic button, and an Emergency SOS/GPS location.

So let’s talk about the future of Helo

In the near future, it will be able to track your blood sugar, blood alcohol, your body temperature, your blood oxygen and will even have a mosquito shield!  I don’t know about you, that would be great when I go to the lake, head out for a hike or even just hang out at a BBQ!

Helo is a real game changer in health care.  You’ll be able to share your results with your doctor so he/she can see what your issues are faster and more accurately than ever.

There is a lot more planned for this little hero we call Helo, so I hope you will take the time and visit our website.