Weight Loss Progress

Well I’ve been missing for a bit, but I’ve continued on my weight loss journey with Resolution and I’m still losing weight!  I’m now down 16 pounds and feel great!

Learning Process

That’s for sure…. Learning to eat right is a real learning process!  Thank goodness for MyFitnessPal for keeping track of my calories, my water intake and my exercise!

This is not going to be a quick process, but a slow but steady loss for me from here on.  I could op, to try the Total Life Changes HCG drops, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.  I’ll go through the meal plan, check it out and do some planning ahead of time.  But for now I’ll continue on with Resolution drops and continue my weight loss at a slow even pace.

Do a little planning and stick with it

Losing weight and maintaining that loss requires lifetime dedication. Don’t just focus on a “diet,” cast a wider net. Imagine a lifestyle overhaul. When people focus solely on the goal of weight loss, you can be left without direction when that goal is achieved. By looking at the bigger picture and focusing on a healthy life and subsequently a healthy weight, you set the stage for lasting habits. Once you’ve made the commitment, you can develop an action plan and get started.

Set your goals:  Measure your self and write it down… Neck, chest, waist, hips and weight!  Take a picture.  Sometimes you won’t see the weight loss on the scale (especially if you exercise), but you’ll see it in the picture and in your measurements!

Once you start, measure everything you eat and drink.  Keep track!  If you do, you’ll see what you need to adjust to stay on track.

Have trouble leaving the sugar, starches and wheat alone?  I must say that Resolution did the trick for me!  I’m amazed knowing me before starting and now.  Sugar just doesn’t taste as good, so it’s easy to forget it.

Don’t be discouraged!  This is for the long haul… It’s for your health!!

me start

me a little smaller

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