Resolution Day 9

Well today I had only lost  .4 of a pound, but that still puts me at 10.3 overall since starting my weight loss journey with Resolution by Total Life Changes.  I’m so happy that I have finally found what works for me and so many others!  I really do encourage you take a look, it’s well worth the little bit they are asking!  I’ve spent more than that on books trying to find the right diet.

But I did learn something today… I was letting myself fall below the 1200 calories, by more than 200 calories and was told to keep closer to the 1200 calories so that my body doesn’t try and go into starvation mode.  Wow, I don’t feel hungry so I figured that not eating 1200 (or somewhat close) would be a good thing.  So today I was more careful to get closer.  Today I reached 1096 calories and 12 cups of water along with a short 10 minute slow walk.   I feel great!

resolutionI don’t think I’ll go into a lot of detail like I have the last eight days because I think you have the idea on how this product works.  If you are just now ready my blog about my journey, please go back to Resolution Drops – Day 1 and start there.

At first I thought about doing 5 days instead of 10, but after starting I knew 10 would be easy.  And today, I’ve decided I could easily do 20!!  The bottle is actually for 30 days, but I’ll take a short break after I reach 20 days.  I’ll take a break for 10, back on for 20, etc. until I reach my goal.  And I can tell you that know that I have Resolution, my goal is a lower weight than I considered before I started!

I didn’t have the opportunity to do my measurements today, so tomorrow morning I’ll do that and post my results.  But I can tell you, I’ve lost 1 pant size, from a size 20, back into my 18’s (loosely).   I think I could fit into my size 16’s but they’d be tight and uncomfortable… I’ll wait. me1smaller

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