Resolution Day 6

Words of the day… OH HELL YA!!

That’s what I said when I stepped on the scale this morning!  Down another 2.4 pounds for a total of 9.4!!  Oh man, I never even imagined I have this much success already!!  No way, I’m not gonna finish this!  I mean it’s only another 4 days and I feel great!  So let’s get started!

Resolution Day 6

resolution6:30 AM: Ahhhh, Saturday morning and I got to sleep in!  Love that.  3 Techui to start the day.  Breakfast started began with my 10 drops of Resolution as I began cooking.  Had the remaining chicken fajita mixed with 2 egg whites.  Yummy and very filling.  Calories for breakfast 76

Decided to treat myself to getting a hair cut today…. Tamara did a great job (and shhhh… even got my hair died – I love it)  I missed my snack, but I was still good until lunch

12:30 PM:  Lunch – 10 drops of Resolution 15 mintues before eating.  Still not real hungry but I had a grilled chicken thigh and one hard boiled egg.  Calories for lunch 231

3:30 PM:  Time for a snack.  I decided on a yogurt with blueberries.  I also took the time this afternoon to do a little baking  I made gluten free sugar free zucchini bread.  I love the recipe I found and I’ll share it, if you’d like to have it.  Of course I had to have a piece of it  105 calories

5:30 PM:  Dinner time again.  Wow the days are flying by.  Ok, you know the drill, 15 drops of Resolution as I’m preparing dinner.  Today was country ribs and sauteed zucchini.  Very filling.

The 1200 calorie diet we use with Resolution can be modified to your liking.  You don’t have to eat what I eat.  It’s your tastes.  But you don’t want any bread, flour or any starches.  That mean, no rice, no bread, no potatoes, no pasta.  Oh, and no sugar.  I really thought this was going to be hard for me, but I’m actually loving it.  I feel so much better!  I need to add some exercise to my routines, will have to set a plan and just do it!

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Well, another day done!  Until tomorrow….me1smaller

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