Resolution – Day 2

Woke up to a beautiful day, weighed in at 3 1/2 pounds down! Excellent news and now even more excited than before I started!

Ok, Let’s Start Day 2 Resolution



Day 2:  Started out the morning with 3 capsules of Techui to get things going in the right direction.  Half hour later, I used 10 drops of Resolution, waited 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything.  I’m feeling ok, but looking forward to breakfast.


6:30 AM: Breakfast consisted of sauteed mushrooms and spinach in butter and 2 eggs scrambled.  It was great.  Amazing how much better healthy food tastes even after just 1 day without sugar and starches.   Calories for breakfast 211

9:30 AM: Snack time – 1/2 cup Greek yogurt followed a little later with 1/2 cup raw cauliflower.  Took 2 Iaso NRG and 8oz. of Iaso tea.  Feeling pretty good, a little hungry, but I know the NRG and Tea will take the edge off shortly.

Wondering if I’m going into too much detail, but then maybe someone else can use this to give them ideas and inspiration.  You never know.  I read that I could add a little Coconut oil to my coffee, will have to try that too.

In case you are wondering – The recommended daily 1200-calorie diet allows for a (200) calorie breakfast, (400) calorie lunch & dinner and two (100) calorie snacks throughout the day.   Enjoy (3) balanced meals each day consisting mostly of protein and vegetables, while limiting fruit serving sizes and excluding the starch category for the best results.  Yesterday I did 200 calorie lunch and that was ok, but I’ll up it today.  Yesterday’s dinner wound up being about 464 calories.  There is a list of menu options and ideas some sound pretty good, I’ll have to try and find the recipes.

For a person who couldn’t go through the day without a snack at work, I think I’m doing pretty well.

12 Noon:  Used Resolution, waited 15 minutes before eating.  Enjoyed 3 oz. grilled lean hamburger with 1 teaspoon of ketchup, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a glass of Iaso tea.

2:30 PM:  I feel a lot better after lunch today, don’t feel like I even need a snack.  I must have been craving the protein because I felt pretty hungry before lunch.  Enjoying remaining amount of cauliflower followed by 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein mixed in water with about 1/4 cup of skim milk.   I am now up to 8 cups of water.

5:15 PM:  Did my Resolution drops again, getting ready for dinner.  Salad with 1 tbsp Dill Sauce made from 0% fat greek yogurt for the dressing, 3 oz NY Steak and sauteed zucchini.  I feel quite full and happy. Not feeling deprived even though my dinner was approx. 300 calories.

I’ve got to say, that I’m quite surprised that I haven’t cheated, no cravings for sugar, although it would be great to have something salty and crunchy… Will have to check into what I can have to satisfy that craving.  But I’m doing good!

Well, another day down.  Can’t wait to see if I lost any more weight!

Until tomorrow… Enjoy your evening.

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