Iaso Tea

Have you seen the iaso detox tea yet?  Seen it but wondering if it works or not?  Still waiting to try it?

Well what are you waiting for?

Why I decided to try Iaso Tea by TotalLifeChanges

With life the way it is… busy, busy, busy, it’s difficult to plan a diet and stick with it.  It’s daunting to think you want to eat certain foods, but your family still wants to eat as usual, so you’d have to fix meals for them, and separate for you.  And on top of that you gotta ask… why do they not gain the weight eating the same foods you do.  It’s not like you eat bad, it just how you body processes those same foods.  Or maybe, you get so busy you grab something quick, even tho you know it’s not as healthy as it could be.  Or is it the cravings for carbs or sugar is stronger than your will.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I went through this for years!  I’m active!  I work, I shop, I’m always on the go.  I don’t always make the right choices.  When I do, I suffer trying to eat perfect and then I feel hungrier.  I don’t want to suffer.


I was looking for a natural product that would bring about a positive bodily change in more than one way.

I also know from experience that maintaining a healthy diet involves consuming a whole lot of specific things at specific times during an average day.  It can be very difficult to fit this into our busy schedules.  Not to mention the fact that most of these diets involve eating expensive organic foods, things not all of us can afford.

After trying out a whole bunch of healthy eating regimens, I decided we should choose something that’s easier to incorporate into your a schedule.

I was introduced to TotalLifeChanges…

‘m so happy that my sponsor Kim B. decided to share Iaso products with me.   I’ve always know that green tea is beneficial to your health, but I could never remember to drink it nor did I really want to.  I just never got used to the taste.  Strong, bitter and adding cream and sugar just to drink it, well, I guess that kinda defeats the purpose.

I wasn’t really sure I want to try Iaso tea, but Kim sent me a packet of tea.  It was easy, directions on the back of the package and 2 tea bags makes a gallon.  Ok, for Kim, I’ll try it.  I was surprised.  I liked it!


The benefits of Iaso Tea

So, I did some research.  Here’s some of the things I learned:

Iaso Tea is a blended herbal tea, which is often referred to as a ‘healing potion’ and after regularly consuming it for a month I can understand why.

For me, it’s like a nice refreshing drink with the added benefit of being a weight loss tea that also maintains the flavor of a tasty herbal tea.  The pleasant aroma and the rich, delicious flavor of the Iaso Tea was certainly a factor in me being able to consume it on a regular basis.

I’ll post more about Iaso Tea in my next post and in the meantime, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to check out the products by visiting my website at 4improvedhealth.com

tea prep

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